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Bengal Kittens for Sale

Snow Bengal Kittens

The Timeless Elegance of its pearlescent coat and Blue Eyes of a Snow Bengal Cat is Majestically Royale and mesmerising. They mimic the look of their big cat cousins of the Himalayas-The elusive and majestic Snow Leopard. Truly amazing! 

These are examples of #SnowBengalKittens we have bred. Snow Bengals have 3 Main Colour Categories: Snow Lynx (Blue Eyes); Snow Mink and Snow Sepia. Note: Silver can be in snow colouration as well.

3 Snow Bengal Kittens Available. 1 Blue Eyed Snow Lynx Girl, 2 Snow Minks (boy & girl). Now Open for Reservations

Pls Scroll down to see available kittens.

3 Snow Bengal Kittens.Availabe 1 Blue Eyed Snow Lynx Girl, 2 Snow Minks (boy & girl) Now Open for Reservations
 Pic & videos to be uploaded soo. Alternatively, Pls drop us an email with your WhatsApp number so we can send you videos direct.  We currently have a litter of silvers and we are now open for reservation. 




If you have any questions pls feel comfortable to Contact us at tel:+441758750292 


Bengal Kittens