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Bengal Cat United


Bengalheritage Cats.

To JOIN the Group, LIKE Bengalheritage Cats FB Page and you’ll be invited from the Page.

Bengalheritage Cats’ FB Page is:

The GOAL of BENGAL CAT UNITED Group is to Promote well Balanced Contents which AIMS to:
✅Educate by Regular Bengal Info & Advice
✅Create Awareness of What’s New in the Bengal Cat World
✅Discuss Topics that matters to you/your cat
✅Give Advice as applicable
✅Feature your Bengal/Cats models for Articles & Blogs
✅ Collaborate with Cat Shows/Research/Surveys
✅ Recommend Tested Cat Products & Offer Discounts from Sponsors through our group

If you’d like us to UTILISE above goals pls follow the Instructions below:

Step 1: LIKE our FB Page BENGALHERITAGE CATS because Invitation can only be done via those who have LIKED our Page, via Email or via Invitation Link by Admin or your Friend.

*We are doing it this way to FILTER Fake Accounts, Spams and Scammers and in a way protecting our Group Community.

Step 2: Use appropriate BENGAL CAT UNITED FORMS below so we can thread our communication, for updates and major event announcements.

Click Forms Appropriate to you:

If you are already a Bengal Cat Pet Owner or a Cat Owner pls click this link.

If you are Planning to Own a Bengal Cat in the future pls click this link.

If you are a Bengal Cat Breeder / Breeder Listing Directory Recommendations pls use this form

If you are a Cat Product Sponsor/Affiliate/Seller pls use this form

If you are a Researcher/Writer/Blogger/Vet Clinician/Event Organiser pls use this form