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Bengal Kittens for Sale

Charcoal Bengal Kittens

The Distinctive Facial Zorro Mask alongside its Dorsal Band of Cape, add an intense & impressive panache and decadence to the Charcoal Bengal Cat. 

The exquisite beauty of their Charcoal Pattern is the way to present themselves to the world and be noticed! They are like the runways’ show stopper in red carpet events!

These are examples of #CharcoalBengalKittens we have bred. The Charcoal Pattern Bengal can come in various colours: Silver Charcoal, Snow Charcoal, Brown Charcoal…..
Pls Scroll down to see available kittens.

3 Charcoal Bengal Kittens Available. 2 Girls, 1 boy, Now Open for Reservations.

3 Charcoal Bengal Kittens Available 2 Girls, 1 boy, Now Open for Reservations
 Pic & videos to be uploaded soo. Alternatively, Pls drop us an email with your WhatsApp number so we can send you videos direct. 




If you have any questions pls feel comfortable to Contact us at tel:+441758750292 



Bengal Kittens