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Ed & Tony

Hello and Welcome to Bengalheriatge Cats! 


We, Ed and Tony, are the Breeders and Owners of Bengalheritage Cats Limited. Before commencing our Bengal Cat Breeding Programme, we had both worked within the Health and Social Care System for many years.


We feel we have used our learned skills and practices to adopt into the Successful Development, Health and Care Requirements for all our Bengal Cats and Kittens. We believe this has paid off well due to the exceptionally Gentle Nature that Shines through our Cats.
We are looking forward of hearing from you soon.


Ed and Tony
(+44)1758 750292

Veterinary Team

Bengalheritage cannot be Healthier and Happier without the Best Vet Practise in town!
The official Veterinary Surgery of all our Bengal Cats, just 5mins away from us.
Deufor’s Clinical and Surgical Experience is Exceptionally Reassuring.
The Team is effectively efficient in all aspects from admin export assistance to 2AM emergency admissions! The friendliest and most caring vets we have ever met.
Only the best for Bengalheritage.


Veterinary Address:
Milfeddygon Deufor
Y Ffor, Pwllheli
Gwynedd, LL53 6UB
Tel: 01766 810277

Our Cardiologist

As Responsible Breeders, Bengalheritage Cats are Heart Checked on a yearly basis which is divided into 2 visits of Vet Rachel James.


You can message us if you’d like to join in one of our Cardio Screening held at Bengalheritage’s Premises. Rachel James, MA Vet MB Cert SAM Cert VC DVC MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology, is Bengalheritage’s Official Cardiologist.


Rachel presents both at nationally and internationally and has published widely in her field. Rachel’s research interests include syncope in dogs and feline cardiomyopathies. Rachel has always been passionate about cardiology and respiratory medicine, scanning hearts since 1999 and presenting her first abstract at BSAVA from general practice back in 2000.



Pet Export

We have a Team of dedicated door-to-door pet transport couriers for your pet offering a quality, safe and caring pet transportation service throughout the UK and Europe.
Whether it's a collection or delivery to the airport, relocation to Europe, a house move or trips to vets or kennel/cattery, our team takes all the worry and stress out of transporting your pet.


All vehicles are approved for pet transport by DEFRA. All of vehicles are fitted with purpose built cages. Each cage is fibreglass-lined which keeps your dog or cat up to 20°c cooler in summer and 20°c warmer in winter. Each cage has an escape hatch in case of emergencies, this enables pet transporters to unload your pets without the chance they will escape - particularly useful for cats!


Each vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning, plus a rotary roof vent and a powered roof vent to make sure there is a constant flow of fresh air.
We have a small fridge in case medication is required for your pet during the journey, plus we have a database of vets at various points on the journey should their services be required.


Our Pet Transport Team focus is always on care and quality, we will treat your pet as if it were our own. We stop every 2-3 hours during the journey to walk your dog, to make sure that water is topped up and if we are transporting your cat, we make sure that they are comfortable. 

If we are breaking up the journey with one or more overnight stops, we stay at pet friendly hotels so that we can take your pet into the hotel room rather than leaving them in the vehicle overnight.

Pet Courier

At bengalheritage we access into an exceptional successful pet Courier Service. Our courier service has earned there reputation through obtaining of the Best and No 1 Animal Transporters award in the UK.

So if on occasions where our customers were to use our trusted pet transporters this would provide peace of mind where all the DEFRA requirements. Pet Courier Team members have always been polite, reasonable and understanding.
We also use an export agent based in the London Heathrow area and again the export service has proven to provide excellent services for us at Bengalheritage.


For those customers requiring there Bengal kittens/Cats to be transported in other parts of the world, be rest reassured between these two team the kittens/cats will be transported efficiently, safely and within time schedules as they proven this to us on numerous occasions. When our kittens travel on long international journeys we recommend them to stay in a cat boarding cattery( Paws Cattery ) which is located in the London Heathrow area.


This enables the kittens to rest over the night before their flights, the cat boarding is located 10 minute drive to the airport. Our export team member collects the kittens and takes the least ensuring a safe flight to their destinations.

Paws Cattery is of a high quality which has beautiful grounds and has an outstanding hygiene reputation.

Legal & Accounts Team
Cattery Maintenance and Upkeep

When moving on in the Autumn of 2015, we found a fantastic reliable joinery man ( Rob Johnson ) whom with input of ourselves when drawing plans and ideas started to commence in catifying, modifying and building additional areas within internal and externally environment of the home.


This primarily focused on the cats social, physical, and psychological enrichment needs.


Rob continues to build upon the completed areas and maintains repairs required to maintain a high quality standard. Our bengals got used to Robs joinery and carpentry noise which also helped in desensitisation process.