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Bengal Cat Info
The Bengal Breed: Introduction
by CFA BAOS Presentation 2022

The Bengal is a unique and captivating breed, 

Nov 03, 2023

The Bengal is a unique and captivating breed, their combination of intelligence, high energy and flashy appearance captivates fanciers around the world. As this presentation is geared toward helping exhibition professionals, judges, handlers, and exhibitors, it covers several points that should  assist in better evaluation of individual animals. Photos are intended to help clarify and provide a better understanding of the Bengal standard in CFA.


Historicals goals of the Bengal Breed: To create a miniature leopard, with the loving dependable temperament of the domestic cat. From  the humble beginnings of Jean Mill's first experimental breeding to one of the most registered and sought after breeds in the world. Bengals have come a long way in a relatively short span of time. Temperament remains of utmost
importance, both in the show hall and in providing kittens and cats as companions to the public. Bengals now come in more patterns and colors than any wild species, through selective breeding we are able to adhere to a standard that places value on hcaracteristics deemed important by experts, breeders and enthusiasts. With the advances in genetic testing and veterinary medicine, we are now able to more efficiently apply selection pressures to those colors we want to work with and diseases and genetic faults we seek to avoid. So, while it isn't necessary to look specifically at the Asian Leopard Cat as our muse, it is worthwhile to be aware that the goal of Bengal breeders is to selectively breed for a domestic cat with unique physicla features similar to the stunning
small arboreal cats that have long captivated us.

Acknowledgements and Full Credits to: https://cfa-files.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/breed-presentations/Bengal.pdf