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Bengal Cat Info
Exhibition Handling
by CFA BAOS Presentation 2022

Bengals are a long and energetic breed; 

Jun 03, 2023

Exhibition Handling
•    Clear the judging space : Bengals are a long and energetic breed; they are likely to knock things over in a frenzy for the judging toy. 
•    Use a toy! Bengals need that distraction to perform at their best. Especially with the kitten class, they need to have positive association with coming out on the table. 
•    Giving the cat all four feet on the table allows them to feel secure and relaxed, also aids in checking the tail conformation as they will be more apt to relax. 
•    Feeling the tail: A judge should be able to ascertain an obvious tail fault within 2-3 swipes down a cat’s tail. Rolling, pinching, and digging at the tail to find a fault will irritate the cat, give a negative association with handling on the judge’s table and is greatly discouraged. 

Acknowledgements and Full Credits to: https://cfa-files.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/breed-presentations/Bengal.pdf