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Bengal Cat Info
by TICA Bengal Breed Seminar

Bengal Breed Seminar: Body

Nov 09, 2022



Body...30 points

Torso ..... 5
Musculature 6



Torso ..... 5 points

Torso: Long and substantial, not oriental or foreign. Medium to large (but not quite as large as the largest domestic breed).



Leg ... 4 points

Medium length, slightly longer in the back than in the front.

Body (continued)

Feet ...  4 points

Large, round, with prominent knuckles

Incorrect is too large but has lovely spots!





Tail ..... 5 points

Medium length, thick, tapered at end with rounded tip. 

Incorrect: Too narrow & tapering and too long & thin





Boning .... 6 points

Sturdy, firm; never delicate.




Musculature ..... 6 points

Very muscular, especially in the males, one of the most distinguishing features.