Bengal Cat Breeders

Bengalheritage is a Responsible Bengal Cat Specialist Breeder based in the Royal County of Caernarfon, Wales, UK.

Bengalheritage Cats

Bengalheritage cannot be Healthier and Happier without the Best Vet Practise in town! The official Veterinary Surgery of all our Bengal Cats, just 5mins away from us.

Bengalheritage Cats is adually Registered Cattery with TICA and GCCF

Our Queens wonder freely around the house with 4 secured outdoor activity access whenever they want to bask in the sun or for some relaxing afternoon bird watching siestas. In the winter, they still have access via cat flap for the adventurous ones. However the highlight of the day is when we all...

Silver Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cat is the only domestic cat breed that can mimic the rosetting, like the markings of the distinctive exotic Leopard Pattern and the Wild Expressions of a Small Forrestdwelling Wild Cat: The Asian Leopard Cat, The Ocelot, The Clouded Leopard and his Big Cat Cousins: The Leopard, The Sn...