Welcome to Bengalheritage Cats

Bengalheritage Cats is a Silver Bengal Cat Breeder Specialist based in the Royal County of Caernarfon, Wales, United Kingdom. 

Incorporated under the Campanies Act 2006 as a Lmited Company by Edward Olazo and Anthony Berner (Breeder/Owners).

Silver is our Bengal Colour specialisation in all silver bengal colour variations (Silver, Silver Charcoals, Silver Snows, Smokes and Cashmeres).

Inspired by the fascinating Wild Heritage of The Bengal Cat, our breeding programme aims to focus on the mystical and magical “little leopard” pattern, the wild and exotic expressions of an Asian Leopard Cat but with loving disposition of the gentlest house cat.


Our Bengal Cats and Kittens live with us in a homely raised and nurtured environment where Health, Welfare and Socialisation is paramount.

Our Website is:

BENGALHERITAGE is our TICA and GCCF  Registered Prefix.

Our TICA Certificate & Cattery Registration No. is 26575. 

Our Limited Company Certificate and Registration No. is 11830221.