These are the Terms and Conditions of the Sales of your Bengal Kitten (Contracts released as Pets or Contracts released with Breeding Rights).

This will be discussed in details through out our communications before buying your Bengal Cat/Kitten where The Purchaser and The Breeder’s Responsibilities and Obligations will be stated and agreed.

Above all, an agreement that you Protect and Care for your Bengal following The Code of Practice for the Welfare of cats set by Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

NOTE: For any other queries or clarification not explained or clear in this page, please feel comfortable to Get in Touch with Us.


Your Bengal will also receive:

  • Online Guide Booklet and Royal Canin Food Vouchers
  • Raw Food: to take home.
  • BreederCelect Paper Based litter Pellets to take home.
  • Other literatures and vouchers available at the time.

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ALL our Bengals are Full Pedigrees of the Breed and TICA Registered Bengal see above notes.
You may request a TICA Certified Stamped Pedigree with the TICA Paperworks mentioned above directly to main office TICA.

However, we will also provide you a 5 Generation Breeder Certified Pedigree of your Bengal’s Family Tree alongside with your Breeder Slip, If you bought a Bengal Kitten with Breeding Rights.

If you bought a Neutered Pet, your Bengal Kitten will go with TICA Litter Registration Certificate, Breeder Slip and Breeder Certified Pedigree.

If on rare occasion where a kitten is bought and NOT yet neutered at time of release, ALL TICA documents will be withheld until Proof of Neuter not later than 6 calendar months old sent directly to our email from your Veterinary Practise with Official microchip identification.

Suggested Readings: NEUTERING http://www.thecatgroup.org.uk/policy_statements/neut.html

International Buyers: Please Note that ALL kittens bought without Breeding Rights will be Neutered. Also please see Export Requirements: International Buyers.


Bengalheritage is a Registered Prefix with TICA and GCCF. You will be provided with:

  • TICA Litter Registration Certificate showing your Bengal’s Date of Birth, Parents Name etc. If you’re your Bengal is released as a Pet without Breeding Rights.
  • TICA Breeder Slip: If Breeding Rights is agreed and permitted.

International Buyers: Each Country has its own Importation Requirements. Should you require a TICA Certified Stamped Pedigree, because this is your Requirement as an importer, this will be on top of the kitten price.

However, provide you will be provided with a 5 Generation Breeder Certified Pedigree of your Bengal’s Family Tree alongside with your Breeder Slip, If you bought a Bengal Kitten with Breeding Rights stating that the Bengal you are importing is 5 Generations Bred Away from the Asian Leopard Cat. Please see Export Requirements: International Buyers.


Providing your Bengal a new home is one of the most exciting and rewarding commitments you and your family can make. Younger Bengals are typically more at risk during the formative months as their curiosity makes them learn about their new surroundings and establish their boundaries.

Most breeders and owners will agree that your Bengals inquisitive nature can sometimes lead them into some occasional scrape and the costs of veterinary treatment to get them back to full health can easily escalate.

As an extension of support, we will activate an Insurance Policy for your Bengal with Petplan for 4 weeks so you can take a back seat and enjoy a wide range of benefits for your ‘four legged Bengal friend’ in his tender age Your Bengal is covered with the following:

  • Up to £4,000 veterinary fees for illness and injury
  • Up to £750 for loss by theft or straying
  • Up to £750 for death from illness or injury
  • Up to £200 for advertising and reward if the puppy/kitten is lost or stolen International Buyers: PetPlan Insurance Company only covers UK Based Buyers. New Owner from abroad can immediately activate Pet Insurance you use as soon as the Kitten arrives to your country.

ALL our Bengal Kittens leaving us are microchipped. We will Register your Bengal Kitten with your details and will be submitted to PETtrac which is one of UK's largest database for microchipped pets and one of the most effective ways to reunite lost pets.

Your Bengal’s Microchip number is The Legal and Official Identification for future references. Note: Owner’s Details e.g. change of address /contact numbers and name of Bengal can be changed through PETtrac. International Buyers:


We have a strict Preventative Parasitic Control Measures for your Bengal. We use a variety of treatments mostly as preventative to ensure top health of your Bengal Kitten at the time of release. This will be recorded on the vaccination booklet.

We use Panacur, Baycox (preventative), Milpro and Advocate. This will treat the following Parasites: Giardia, Coccidia, Hookworm, Lungworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm (Taenia), Whipworm, heartworm, flea and ear mites.

However despite above parasitic protocol measures, we do not cover nor Guarantee a dormant, non symptomatic bacterial/viral or any other mutated strains or protozoan affectations that hasn’t presented its signs and symptoms in our kittens stay with us, this can be seen via medical History. Examples of these are Corona Virus and Tritrichomonas Foetus (TTF) which can be triggered by stress or contraction from the environment.

International Buyers: Your Bengal will be treated with your country’s Parasitic Requirements, which may include both internal and external treatment 48 hours before the booked flight. Because this is your Requirement, this will be on top of the kitten price. Please see Export Requirements: International Buyers. Suggested Readings : Preventative Parasitic Control Measures.


This will contain your Bengal’s Signed & Stamped Vaccination dates and next injection due dates. We also note in the booklet the Date/Brand of the Preventative Parasitic Control Measure we have given to your Bengal. A Print out/electronic copy of your Bengal kitten’s Medical Veterinary History will also be attached for you and your Bengal kitten’s new veterinary record to keep.


Your Bengal is Vaccinated For the active immunisation against feline panleucopaenia virus (FPLV), feline herpes virus (FHV) and feline calicivirus (FCV) using Nobivac Vaccines. Vaccination will reduce clinical signs caused by infection with FHV and FCV; reduce replication of FCV, and prevent shedding of FPLV. Your bengal will receive their 1st Vaccination at age 9 weeks followed by a Booster jab at 12 weeks.

We may also use Fevaxyn Pentofel at our discretion which contains the following inactivated viruses: feline panleukopenia virus, feline rhinotracheitis virus, feline calicivirus, feline leukaemia virus, and the inactivated bacterium feline Chlamydophila felis. Next Vaccination will be after a year.

International Buyers: Rabies Vaccines May also be inoculated if your country requires which will be on top of the kitten price. Please see Export Requirements: International Buyers.


Your bengal will receive a Full Health Assessment by our Veterinary Practice Deufor at age 9 and 12 weeks, a week before your Bengal is ready to leave us from 13 weeks onwards if your based in the UK.

International Buyers: A3rd Full Health Assessment with Internal and External Parasite Treatment and Fitness to Travel Certificate at 15-16weeks if flying abroad, 48 hours before boarding to ensure your benga kitten is at their best condition before any international flights.


Your bengal receives various socialisation stimuli to ensure your Bengal have a good start. For The first two weeks, human scent introduction and gentle touch and of course kisses! Handling and genteel picking up starts at age 2 weeks. At this time eyes are open and we start to introduce Audi visual positive stimuli. Human interaction increases as the kitten gets older simultaneous with our assessment and evaluation. Play starts when they are 4 weeks old where they are encouraged to walk and follow a toy. This technique targets coordination and encourages them to explore out of their nesting box. At this age taste of solid food is introduced.

At 4.5 weeks most kittens are in solid Weaning Paste raw and at 5 weeks kittens are all litter trained. More interactive play is incorporated as kittens grow to enrich their social development in preparation to cope with changes they will face in life when homing to new environment.

Suggested Reading: Bengal Kitten Socialisation an Integral Part Of our Programme.

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