Bengals are a medium to large breed of cat, with an athletic, yet slender physique. They have a long body, and because of their muscular appearance, they may seem larger than they actually are. An average male can weigh between 4.5kg and 6.8kg and an average female can weigh between 3.6kg and 5.4kg.

The life expectancy of a Bengal is 12 to 16 years. This is average in comparison to other domestic breeds of cat. There are some specific diseases which Bengals typically are at higher risk of developing, however, generally, they are healthy cats.

Bengals are suitable for both owners who wish to add them to a normal family life, as well as Bengal enthusiasts and professionals, who may wish to show or breed with their cat. They are versatile in nature and will adapt to most styles of living situations in which they are placed. Therefore, regardless of where you live, and whether you wish to keep your Bengal inside or outside, a Bengal will fit in perfectly.