Prearranged and scheduled viewing ONLY of our bengal cats and kittens are very much welcome! Book a Viewing, Visit Us and See our Amazing Bengals in real life action

  • This gives our cats and kittens a chance to be familiar with you and experience love at first sight.
  • Visiting us and a good chat over coffee with our cats around us answers most of your questions about the breed, verify and confirm what you have read online and gives us both the chance to know each other as well.
  • You will be to toured around to see the lifestyle our bengals, see mum and dad, show you our current improvements and future plans for our bengal breeding.

If Viewing is not possible (International Buyers and other geographical distance) we use WhatsApp/FaceTime/ Skype/Messenger/emails/ and other many multimedia Applications to deliver photo & video updates. We can also arrange scheduled real time videos if this is your preference.

  • We can accommodate an advanced pre booked visits any day of the week Mon-Sun.
  • Our Bengals prefer a viewing from 2PM onwards where it's less busy and for more relaxed experience for you and our Bengals.
  • Get in touch with us in any ways you prefer and we will get back to you as soon as we are available to confirm the dates and time you are planning to visit.

The Date of Collection of your Bengal Kitten will be agreed in the Sales Contract Agreement.

Your Bengal Kitten is ready to leave starting from 13 weeks old for UK Based Buyers and from 16 Weeks Old for International Buyers.

For the safety of both the Kitten, the driver and the other passenger:

  • You will need to bring your cat carrier large enough to use when your kitten is fully grown adult. A mat at the bottom of the carrier and a blanket to cover the carrier reduces stress on the journey. Note: Most of our customers send their Kittens Cat Carriers, Mat Bedding and Blanket 2 weeks prior to Collection so their kitten will get used to the carrier and the smell of the litter on the bedding and blanket provided, hence reducing stress.
  • You might want to bring extra mat, wipes and paper towels in case your Kitten have a little “accident” on the journey.
  • We do not advice to take them out whilst you are in your journey unless absolutely necessary, car windows and doors must be shut.
  • Pet Insurance will be activated before leaving our premises.

For International Buyers: You may either personally collect your Bengal and fly with your Bengal in the cabin. Not all airlines allow pets in the cabin and your Bengal Kitten may need to go in the pressure and temperature regulated cargo area. You will need to double check this with the airline your using and also the pet requirements when importing a Bengal Kitten to your country, eg IATA Approved Carriers, Rabies, Fit to Fly etc.

Pet Courier

We have an excellent Team for International Shipment Courier by Land (Western EU) & by Air and also a trusted Mainland (England /Scotland/Wales) UK Pet Courier.

Should circumstances arise and you are not able to collect your Bengal Kitten, we can arrange an experienced and trusted by many other customers to transport for your Bengal. This will be paid separately on top of your our agreed Kitten price. Pet Transport Cost will depend on the mileage and point of destination.

There are occasions if booked in advance (depending on availability)where We can Personally transport your Bengal to your door step at a reasonable cost.

Should any of the services above is an option, you need to let us know in advance.

Friendly Reminder

Security System Alarms are in place around our Private Home Premises. We are not open for Public Viewing or family day out. The Home Of our Bengals is also Our Home.