Vikki Village

100% would recommend. We love Koji our beautiful silver bengal kitten, he's stunning and he has the cutest, calm and friendly personality.

As new cat owners, we found it really difficult to find a cat breeder who we could trust (we were let down a couple of times and saw some real sights on our travel for the right kitten)! Ed & Tony were fantastic. They kept us updated with pictures and videos, gave us great tips of how to prepare for a new kitten at home and their diet.

After Koji arrived, we loved him from the first minute and he settled in quickly to his new home. We also had another kitten (Mabel) from a different breeder who arrived a week before and they made friends within a few days.

Unfortunately Mabel was ill for the first month or so with a contagious tummy bug. We were really worried it would pass onto Koji too so we messaged Ed and he as so helpful and knowledgeable about what to do.

We truly would recommend Bengal Heritage Cats to anyone buying a kitten. Not only are Ed and Tony caring and helpful, their cats are so striking which such beautiful markings and temperament.

We love Koji - he comes for cuddles every day on the sofa and he loves pouncing on feather mice which melts our hearts. Thank you Ed & Tony.

Vikki & Joe x