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Bengalheritage can offer a Pet Export Team for your potential kitten FROM UK: England/Scotland/Wales TO travel in most Countries Abroad.

Pls Scroll Down to see Some of the Export and Import Requirements needed in Countries your Pet can travel to.

However,  our  export team  is unable to arrange Importation into the UK as flights must be booked in the country of origin. If we are exporting your pet and the country of destination requires an Import Permit we can assist you in acquiring or send you a link to apply or refer you an Import Agent to assist and guide you in the process, our Team will be coordinating in each step for smooth flow process.

International Relocation with pets is often a minefield of Legislation, Veterinary Import and Export Paperwork Requirements and of course the Logistics behind it all.

We would advise you to consult with an experienced professional, conversant with exporting domestic animals as it can be a mindfield and our export team aims to provide all the necessary advice and information thus eliminating the seemingly intimidating process and contribute to ensuring the process is made less stressful and as simple as possible.

Bengalheritage Cats work along side our Pet Export Consultant Lead, his name is Mr Tim Hall. Mr Hall is a reputable agent who has over 20 years experience in the shipping animals of all kinds, he is very profession and provides a genuine caring service. Tim ensures to provide  a friendly conscientious service whilst focusing on the Best Interests of your pets at all times and we have been working collaboratively along side Tim for several years to date.

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