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Bengalheritage can offer a dedicated door-to-door Pet Transport Couriers that can offer your pet a Quality and Safe Transport Service throughout the UK and Europe.

Whether it maybe a collection or delivery to the point of destination, our team takes all the worry and stress out of transporting your kitten/cat.

All the vehicles are DEFRA Approved for Pet Transport and have been fitted with custom purpose built cages. Each cage is fibreglass-lined which keeps kitten or cat up to 20°c cooler in summer and 20°c warmer in winter. Each cage has an escape hatch in case of emergencies, this enables pet driver to safely unload your pets without any chance of them escaping.

The custom vehicles also provide with a fitted with air-conditioning unit that will ensure your kitten /cats comforts, plus there are rotary roof vents to ensure there is a constant fresh air flow.

The vehicles also offer a small travelling fridge just in case medication is required for your pet during the journey, plus we have a database of vets at various points of the journey should their services be required.

We ensure Our Pet Transport Team focuses on the care and quality of service, we will ensure to treat your pet as if it were our own. We stop frequently on journeys to ensure that water and food is topped up whilst ensuring that your pets are comforts are being addressed.

If we are breaking up a long journey ( eg Europe ) with overnight stops, we stay at Pet Friendly Hotels so that we can take your pet into the hotel room ensuring the safety and comfort of your kitten/cat.

For a Full Quotation or to further discuss your Transport Requirements please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help in any way as well recognise Safety and Comfort are Paramount for Your Pet, please Contact Us and we we'll get back at our earliest convenience.