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If you live in the UK ( England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) including The Chanel Islands: Guernsey and Jersey and The Isle Of Man; Below are areas of relevant informations you might want to refer to in purchasing our Bengal Cat/Kittens.

Get in Touch with Us.
Get in Touch with Us.

Please Feel Comfortable to Get In Touch with us in any of your preferred ways of communication.

Chatting with us allows us both to know each other and allows you to know more about your soon to be Bengal Friend Companion.

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Bengal Kittens for Sale, Silver Bengal Kittens for Sale, Kittens for Sale
Type of Kitten. Price. Deposit & Reservation Process
Type of Kitten. Price. Deposit & Reservation Process

Bengal Kittens are Priced individually depending on the overall Quality of Coat, Pattern, Rarity of Colour and Bengal Breed Standards. We Evaluate and Classify each Kitten based from the guidelines mentioned.

How do we Classify our Bengal Kittens:

Pet Quality Bengal: These are bengal kittens that are not suitable or did not pass the Breed Standards for Show or Active Register. The kitten however, can still be shown as an Altered (neutered/spayed) on Altered Pet Show Category. They are excellent examples of the breed’s character, temperament and personality (each Pet Quality Kitten will be described individually by the breeder). They are Perfect as a family bengal pet companion friend. Kittens going as pet will be castrated at 12 weeks.

Breeding Quality Bengal: These are Bengal Kittens released with Breeding Rights meeting the Buyer's Specific Breeding Requirements who will best complement thier Breeding Programme.
Your Specific Breeding Requirements maybe a Bengal with excellent Head, body & type or it can be striking pattern, or it can be clarity and contrast of colour, or it can be specific colour genetics e.g  Apb/a, A/a, C/cs and so on. Your Reason/Purpose and Requirements shall be discussed with us clearly before Contract Agreement.

Note: Kittens under this classification can still be purchased as a Top Quality Pet if these are the Star Qualities and type of Bengal Kitten you are looking for as a pet. You don't need to breed the bengal or be a breeder to be able to own these qualities and type of bengals. The Quality corresponds to our Pricing of Bengals.

Show Quality Bengal: These are the Bengal Kittens who are Scoring Excellently High on the Bengal Breed Standards as to Head, Body, Coat, Pattern and Colour with excellent nature and temperament fit to be shown, handled by Judges and pose for spectators.They are the cream of the crop proudly displaying their winning traits and characteristics of a true Champion in the Cat Show Arena.
The highest quality it may be, however, the bengal breed is still far to perfection.
The Show Quality Bengal kittens are true representation of what we are aiming for and is the closest quality to the Bengal Breed Standards in the pursuit of the future’s Perfect Bengal Cat.
Although classed as Show Quality, we cannot guarantee Championship Titles as this will depend on the Registration Body’s Criteria (TICA/CFA/GCCF), the Judges’ Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation of the Breed Standards, Exceptional Qualities of the many other competing cats and how your cat performs or reacts in the Cat Show Arena. However, we are confident of our own Evaluation and Assessments when we class the kitten having these Exceptional Qualities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Note: Kittens under this classification can still be purchased as a Top Quality Pet if these are the StarStruck Qualities and type of Bengal Kitten you are looking for as a pet. You don't need to breed the bengal or be a breeder to be able to own these qualities and type of bengals. The Quality corresponds to our Pricing of Bengals.

Pls Contact Us if you prefer to discuss further. You may also want to check our Current Available Kittens For Sale.

Alternatively, Pls Fill In the Form Below For Pricing and Description of the Bengal Kitten you are looking for.

How do you Place a Security Deposit/Reserve a Bengal Kitten.

  1. Please check availability of kittens at our Bengal Kittens for Sale. Alternatively, can Call Us for Real Time Updated Availability Status and Reservation.                               
  2. If the kitten is still available, pls Contact us ASAP to avoid disappointmnets to place a Deposit and Reserve, discuss Deposit Contract/Terms and Conditions of Sales Agreements.
  3. After Contract Agreements, you may now proceed for payments using any of the Payment Methods we have in place.
  4. Once a deposit has been received, you will receive an email confirmation that you have Secured and Reserved the Kitten/s for you and your family and will be marked RESERVED or Removed from the Bengal Kittens For Sale Page. Your Kitten will not be offered and you will have peace of mind, your Bengal Kitten will be joining you when he/she is ready to be released at age 13-15 weeks.

If the kitten you prefer has been reserved and you want to plan ahead and don't miss out and avoid disappoitmnets, you might want to Fill In The Form Below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Bengal as Pet

Bengal with Breeding Rights




How to make Payments
How to make Payments

Once you have carefully chosen your Kitten/s and Terms & Conditions of the Sales Contract has been agreed, You can now proceed to Pay for either a Deposit or Full Payment.

You can choose any of our Secured Payment System Buttons spread across the website by Card, Online Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Please add 4% incurred charge by PayPal on top of the amount your paying.

How to Join Our Waiting List
How to Join Our Waiting List

To avoid disappointments of missing out, you can join our Listing where you will be informed when kittens are born, availability of kittens, photo/video updates and other Bengalheritage Cats News, Announcements & Notifications. Planning and preparing for your new addition ahead of time is always the best way forward.

We have 2 types of Waiting List.
Please Choose which type is appropriate for you.

  • Standard Waiting List:
    • In this Listing, Customers who have chosen the same Type of Bengal Kitten (Pet Quality, Top Quality Pet, Breeding Show Qualities) and the same specification as your bengal requirements will be informed and notified all at the same time together with full details of the bengal Kitten, photos and videos once the appropriate kitten arrives and we feel they are ready to be offered.
    • The Deposits and Reservations on The Standard Waiting List will be on a First Come, First Served Basis.
    • Because the Updates and Notification has been sent to all, the fastest way to reserve your Kitten/s is by calling us directly to discuss further.
      • Friendly Reminder: We can only Hold the bengal for you once a Deposit and Sales Contract has been agreed which will be discussed and emailed to you once you have carefully decided.
    • Once a deposit has been received, you have SECURED and reserved your Kitten/s for you and your family and will be marked RESERVED or Removed from Bengal Kittens for Sale Page.
    • Your Kitten will not be offered and you will have peace of mind your Bengal Kitten will be joining you when he/she is ready to be released.
    • Please Fill in the Waiting List Form below for more specific type of Bengal you are looking for (example Pet/Top Pet Quality/Breed/Show).
  • Secured Waiting List
    • Being on a Secured Waiting List means you are on a guaranteed position on your specific bengal preferences. This saves you time searching for months sometimes years for your companion Bengal Kitten.
    • In Secured Waiting List, You will be the First to be informed when the Bengal Kitten you prefer arrives. You can either ACCEPT and Pay the remaining Outstanding deposit OR DECLINE and transfer your Advance Security Deposit to other kitten appropriate for your preference.
    • We can only place in 1 Secured Kitten per Type of Bengal Kitten Category in a litter. ( 1 Pet Quality/1 Top Quality Pet/1 Breeding/1 Show in each colour and sex preferenc.
    • Please Call Us before placing a Secured deposit as the Pairing from the Upcoming Litter/Breeding Plans may be closed and may have been reserved in advance.
    • When Joining our Secured Waiting List: A Secured Waiting List Deposit Contract shall be agreed stating that Deposits made are non refundable but transferable to other Kittens in other current or future litters should there be no Kitten produced that fits your original Bengal Kitten Preference and Requirements.
      However, once you ACCEPT a Kitten, we will send you our Terms and Conditions of the Sales and we will be requiring at least 50% of the Agreed Price of the Kitten. The outstanding 50% Balance Shall be settled either on Collection or 24hrs prior to Booked Pet Courier Service.

Advance Security Deposit
For Bengal as Pet Quality, we Require £250.00 advance security deposit. For Top Quality Pet, Bengal with Breeding Rights and Show, we require £500.00 advance security deposit.
Note: Any Payments made to Bengalheritage Cats Ltd. are subject to Deposit Contract Agreements.

What's Included in the Price?
What's Included in the Price?

As a responsible and Ethical Breeders, we aim to present to you a Bengalheritage raised Kitten at its best complying with our Registry and Association Breeder Code of Ethics.

Below are what to be expected on our Complete Package.

  • A Health Screened Bengal.
    The parents of your Bengal Kitten has been Health Checked for Heart, Kidneys,
    Eye, Pyruvate Kinese deficiency and Leukemia. Ensuring your Bengal Kitten is at top health being our utmost priority.
    Your Bengal will receive his/her 1st pre Vaccination Health Check at age 6-8 weeks if appropriate.
    Otherwise, Your bengal will be Health Assessed by our Licensed Vet at age 9 weeks and 12 weeks.
    A Medical Health History Print out will be provided.
    A Health Certificate or Fitness to Fly Certificate, if flying abroad.
  • A Vaccinated Bengal.
    Your Bengal is Vaccinated for the active immunisation against 3 Core Vaccinations against Cat Flu:
    ✅ Feline Panleucopaenia Virus (FPLV),
    ✅ Feline Herpes Virus (FHV)
    ✅ Feline Calicivirus (FCV).
    Optional below:
    ✅ Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), If requested, additional cost.
    ✅ Rabies Vaccine (if required in country of destination, cost is included in Import/Export Requirements).

    Vaccination will reduce clinical signs caused by infection with FHV and FCV; reduce replication of FCV, and prevent shedding of FPLV.
    Your bengal will receive its 1st Vaccination at age 9 weeks followed by a Booster jab at 3-4 weeks after.
    Next Vaccination will be after a year, pls seek your vet’s advice.

  • A Health/Vaccination Booklet Record will be provided.
    This Record will contain your bengal’s Date/Type of Vaccine/ Due Date for Next Booster; signed, dated and Stamped by our Vet Practise.
    We also note here the Date/Brand of the Preventative Parasitic Control Measure we have given our Vet has given to your Bengal.
    A Medical Health History will be attached to the Vaccination Record with our Licensed Veterinary Surgeons.

  • A Treated Bengal against Parasites:
    We have a strict Preventative Parasitic Control Measures for your Bengal.
    We use a variety of treatments mostly as preventative to ensure top health of your Bengal. This will be recorded in the Vaccination Booklet and Medical Health History.
    We use Panacur (5 days, preventative for Giardiasis, Baycox (preventative for Coccidia), Milbemax, and/of Advocate.
    This combination of treatment protocols will treat the following Parasites: Giardia, Coccidia, Hookworm, Lungworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm (Taenia), Whipworm, heartworm, flea and ear mites.

  • A Well Socialised and Litter Trained Bengal.
    Your bengal is handled at an early stage in our home environment with their trusting mothers.
    Kittens are born in our bedroom or in one of our Maternity/Kitten Nursery Rooms.
    Litter training starts when your Bengal is weaned to solid food from age 4-5 weeks, and kittens are litter trained as early as 5 weeks old.
    Read more: Socialisation, Enrichment and Integration Techniques in Cats

  • A Microchipped Bengal.
    As a Responsible Breeder and the First recorded keeper, all our Bengals leaving us are microchipped.

    Your Bengal will be Registered on PETtrac which is The UK's largest database for microchipped pets and one of the most effective ways to reunite lost pets.
    Your Bengal’s Microchip number is The Legal and Official Identification of the cat for future references.
    Your Details (personal details provided in the contract) will be added and transferred to you and you will receive a confirmation from PETtrac.

  • A TICA Registered Bengal.
    You will be provided with:

    • TICA Litter Registration Certificate showing your Bengal’s Date of Birth, Parents Name etc.

    • TICA Breeder Slip: if breeding rights is agreed and permitted. Otherwise, this document will be held until proof of Neuter, if your kitten hasn’t been neutered yet at time of collection. On most occasions where the Bengal has been Neutered, this document will be released so you can register under new owner/s name.

  • A Full Pedigree Bengal.
    We are TICA and GCCF Registered and all our Bengals are full Pedigree of the Breed.
    You can request a TICA Certified Pedigree with the Paperworks mentioned above.
    However, we will also provide you a 4 Generation Pedigree of your Bengals family tree alongside with the TICA Litter Certificate.
    We will send you the Breeder Certified Copy once your Bengal has been Neutered, if Kitten hasn’t been castrated at the time of collection.
    If Bengal Kitten is abroad, TICA Certified Pedigree is included in the Import/Export Requirement Cost.

  • A Complimentary Kitten Pack.
    You and your Bengal will also receive:

    • Keizebrink or Natural Instinct Raw Food: to take home.

    • BreederCelect Paper Based litter Pellets to take home.

    • Royal Canin Kitten Vouchers

    • Kitten Booklet on how to help your Bengal settle in

    • Other literatures and vouchers available at the time.

  • An Insured Bengal.
    Providing your Bengal a new home is one of the most exciting and rewarding commitments you and your family can make.

    Younger Bengals are typically more at risk during the formative months as their curiosity makes them learn about their new surroundings and establish their boundaries.
    Most breeders and owners will agree that your Bengals inquisitive nature can sometimes lead them into some occasional scrape and the costs of veterinary treatment to get them back to full health can easily escalate.
    As an extension of support, we will activate an Insurance Policy for your Bengal with Petplan for 4 weeks so you can take a back seat and enjoy a wide range of benefits for your ‘four legged Bengal friend’ in his tender age.
    Your Bengal is covered with the following:

    • Up to £4,000 veterinary fees for illness and injury

    • Up to £750 for loss by theft or straying

    • Up to £750 for death from illness or injury

    • Up to £200 for advertising and reward if the puppy/kitten is lost or stolen

  • A Sales Contract.
    These are the Terms and Conditions of the Sales of the Bengal.
    This will be discussed in details through out our communications before buying your Bengal Cat/Kitten where The Purchaser and The Breeder’s Responsibilities and Obligations will be stated, discussed and agreed.
    And above all, an agreement that you Protect and Care for your Bengal following
    The Code of Practice for the Welfare of cats set by Animal Welfare Act of 2016.




Prearranged and Scheduled Viewing of our Bengal Cats and Kittens are very much Welcome!
Visit Us and see our Amazing Bengal Cats and Kittens in person.

*This gives our cats and kittens a chance to know more about you and vice versa.

*Visiting us and a good chat over coffee with our cats around us answers most of your questions about the breed in real life action and it gives us the chance to know each other as well.

*You will have the opportunity to be toured around to see the lifestyle our bengals, see mum and dad, show our current improvements and achievements and the future plans for our breeding programme.

*To Learn more, please visit our About Us Page.

If Visiting and Viewing is NOT possible Pls feel free to Browse on our Website. You can Learn More About Us and Our Bengals through our Review Fedback from our previous Happy Bengal Pet Owners.

We use WhatsApp , Messenger , Emails and other many Socialmedia Applications to deliver photos & video updates.

Alternatively, you can View our Cats and Kittens on Bengal Kittens for Sale Page. We add and update photos and videos on a regular basis, so pls check it out.

We can also arrange real time video calls, if this is your preference. Pls be realistic on your request of day and time as this is also our Home.

We are happy to accommodate advanced pre booked visits any day of the week, Mon-Sun.

Our Bengals prefer viewings from 1PM onwards where it's less busy and for more relaxed experience.

Get in touch with us in any ways you prefer and we will get back to you as soon as we are available to confirm the Dates and Time you are planning to pay a visit.


Bengalheritage Cats is NOT open for Family Day Outings or Unannounced viewings and visits.

We can ONLY accommodate Prearranged Viewings pls to avoid inconvenience and activation of our Security System Alarms due to unexpected entrance to our private home premises.

Our Home is our “Cattery”: Our BengalHome.

*Preparing for the Visit (we are currently writing about this but we'll discuss this before visiting us).

*Guidelines before Visiting our BengalHome (we are currently writing about this but we'll discuss this before visiting us).

We are Looking forward of meeting you soon!



Your Bengal Kitten will be ready to start their exciting journey a week or two after thier 2nd vaccination.

For UK Based Buyers,Castrated Boys can travel starting from age 13 Weeks Onwards and for Spayed Girls from 14 Weeks onwards. 

For Kittens Travelling Abroad, depending on country of destination; Kittens can travel from 15 Weeks onwards.

For Further Details, pls check our Information about INTERNATIONAL BUYERS.

Note:The Date of Collection/Pet Courier Service will be discussed and Agreed in our Sales Contract.

For the safety of the travelling:

*You will need to bring your cat carrier large enough to use when your kitten is fully grown adult. A mat at the bottom of the carrier and a thin sheet to cover the carrier to reduce stress on the journey.

Note: Most of our customers send their Kittens Cat Carriers, bedding and Blanket a 2 weeks prior to Collection so their kitten will get used to the carrier and the smell of the litter on the bedding and blanket, hence reducing stress. Our are Recommended Carriers and Blankets your Bengals are used to will soon be added in our CAT PRODUCTS.

*You might also want to bring extra mat, paper towels, wipes in case your Kitten have a little “accident” on the journey. This is not a common occurrence. Kittens normally sleep when travelling.

*We DO NOT advice to take your kitten out whilst you are in your journey unless absolutely necessary ensuring all windows and doors of the car are closed to reduce risk of escaping.

*Pet Insurance will be activated before leaving our premises.

Advice on: Travelling With Your Cat (advice to be posted).

If circumstances arise and Collection is NOT possible, we can offer you our team of Reliable and Trustworthy Pet Couriers for the safe transport of your Bengal Kitten.

Pls note to give us reasonable time of notice to arrange and book UK Pet Transport.

The Collection or use of our Pet Courier Service will be discussed and stated in our Sales Contract. For More Details pls visit our PET COURIER SERVICE.

Pet Courier
Pet Courier


Should circumstances arise and you are not be able to collect your Bengal Kitten, we can arrange Pet Courier Transport. We have an excellent Team for International Shipment and Mainland (England /Scotland/Wales) UK Pet Courier.  

The Pet Transportation will be charged on top of your our agreed kitten price, this will be discussed in our Terms and Conditions of our Sales.

Pet Transport Cost to your door step depends on the mileage & point of destination.

Should any of the services above is an option, pls let us know in advance to get best quotations. Alternatively, you can visit out PET COURIER SERVICE for further details.

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I am an International Based Buyer

Bengalheritage Cats can Fly Internationally wherever you want them to travel : Within or Outside European Countries/ Canada/USA/ South America/South Africa/ UAE/The Middle East/China/ Japan/ South Korea/ Malaysia/ Singapore/Indonesia to name a few.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: There is NO QUARANTINE for cats entering almost all of the Countries if your Bengal Cat is coming from us at Bengalheritage as we are in the United Kingdom as long as all relevant Paperworks, required documents and complying with permits in importing/exporting requirements are completed correctly. New Zealand and Australia is an exception to this (10 day Quarantine).

Bengalheritage is a Registered Premise in accordance of the Requirements under the ‘Balai’ Directive 92/65/EEC (as amended). Our Registration Number is RH/47/16044.

We work as team with our trustworthy and experienced professional Export Consultant, UK Gov Agencies involved, Veterinary Practise and your Import Agent to make the complexities of exporting easy and simple.

The requirements in each country of destination varies and we are here to facilitate and ensure export and import requirements are met.

Please be reminded that Air Fare, Export Requirements and Pet Courier Services are NOT INCLUDED in your Bengal’s Cost and Pricing.

This will be discussed as we explain our contract as this will depend on date, time of the year, airlines, country of destination etc. Please feel free to email us for estimate quotation: bengalheritagecats@yahoo.co.uk

Below is an outline of some the Export/Import Requirements, Services, Admin works and Documents we offer to assist you alongside with your purchase which is on top of the price of the kitten. You may also Collect your Bengal if this is your preference.

UK Gov Exporting Requirements


  • Apply for a free Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC). 
  • Check if your animal holding needs to be registered or approved. 
  • follow the rules for transporting animals 

Animal welfare during transport The welfare of animals during transport is protected by EU legislation. Introduction to the regulations “No person shall transport animals or cause animals to be transported in a way that is likely to cause injury or undue suffering to them” (Source: Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations and amending directives). 

  • Apply for a free Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC). 
  • Check if your animal holding needs to be registered or approved. 
  • Follow the rules for transporting animals 

Animal welfare during transport The welfare of animals during transport is protected by EU legislation. 
Introduction to the regulations “No person shall transport animals or cause animals to be transported in a way that is likely to cause injury or undue suffering to them” (Source: Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations and amending directives). 

All persons who take animals on a journey, whatever the length, should always apply good transport practice, making sure: 

  • The journey is properly planned and time is kept to a minimum and the animals are checked and their needs met during the journey 
  • The animals are fit to travel 
  • The vehicle and loading and unloading facilities are designed, constructed and maintained to avoid injury and suffering
  • Those handling animals are trained or competent in the task and do not use violence or any methods likely to cause unnecessary fear, injury or suffering 
  • Water, feed and rest are given to the animals as needed, and sufficient floor space and height is allowed 

Council Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations applies to all those involved with the transport of live vertebrate animals in connection with an economic activity ie a business or trade.


  • We will apply for updated Export Health Certificate (EHC) specific to the country of destination. 
  • If there’s an EHC for your Kitten, we will inform the APHA Centre for International Trade Carlisle specific details required e.g. Animal details, exporter, importer, vet details etc and the destination country. 
  • We will then nominate an official veterinarian to inspect your Bengal. 
  • We will then be given the application form we need. Fill it in and return it to the address on the form. 
  • EHC will be sent to your official veterinarian within 7 working days. 
  • Our Official Veterinarian will be asked to check that your Bengal Kitten meet the requirements of the country they are going to
Veterinary Export Requirements (UK & Country Of Destination)
IMPORTATION PERMIT from Country Of Destination if necessary. (Far East Asia , Middle East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa will Require Impo...
Animals have been transported by air since the early 1930's. In today's modern world, carriage of live animals by air is considered the most humane an...
  • Pet Travel Consultant. You will be emailed by one of our Export Team who will be the Lead in assisting us in preparing the documents needed for our Export and guide requirements at your end for your Import. You might be advised to have your own agent if this is necessary. We can only start activation of Export Process once you are Fully Paid with your Bengal and have Fully Paid the Air Fare and Export Services.
  • Pre Boarding Vet Check If necessary.
  • If possible, a Direct Flight Booking & Organisation (From London Heathrow Airport to country of destination. We will aim to book the shortest flight possible.
  • Collection and Pet Courier from our premises to a 5 Star Boarding Cattery in London.
  • Pre-flight boarding: Your Bengal will waif for his flight at the Boarding Cattery which is a 10 Minute Drive To Heathrow Airport
  • Homeopathic remedies to help pets remain calm during their travels if need be. Note: It is UK’s Policy NOT to sedate a pet when traveling.

Your Bengal travel in the hold of the aircraft. The whole airline team will be proud of flying with your bengal. The cargo hold is heated, pressurised and dark. This will keep your Bengal calm and will settle down and sleep once the aircraft is in the air.