To avoid disappointments, you may secure a Bengal Kitten or Kittens in advance specific to the Type/Quality/Colour of Bengal Kitten you have long been searching for. Planning and preparing for the new addition of your family ahead of time is very much Recommended.

We have 2 types of Waiting List. The Standard Waiting List and The Secured Waiting List. Please Read and Choose which type is appropriate for you.

  • Please Fill in the Waiting List Form below for more specific Type/Quality/Colour of Bengal you are looking for.
  • Potential Owners who opted to be in the Standard Waiting List who have chosen a similar type/quality/colour and specification as your bengal preference and requirements will be informed, notified and Updated all at the same time together with full details of the bengal Kitten, photos and videos once the appropriate kitten is born and we feel they are ready to be offered.
  • The Deposits and Reservations on The Standard Waiting List will be on a First Come, First Served Basis. Because the Updates and Notification has been sent to all at the same time, the most efficient way to reserve a Bengal Kitten is by calling us directly once you receive notifications to discuss further the process. However, if you prefer a guaranteed place on our waiting list, you might want to have a look on our Secured Waiting List & Updates to Compare.
  • Friendly Reminder: We can only Hold the bengal for you once a Deposit and Sales Contract has been agreed.
  • Once a deposit has been received, you have SECURED and reserved the Kitten/s for you and your family and will be marked RESERVED or Removed from our post in our Bengal Kittens for Sale Page. The Bengal Kitten will NOT be offered and you will have peace of mind that the Kitten will be joining you when they are ready to be released ( from age 13 weeks for UK based and from 15 weeks if Bengal kittens are to fly abroad).
  • Please Fill in the Waiting List Form below for more specific Type/Quality/ Colour of Bengal Kitten you are looking for.
  • Being in a Secured Waiting List means you are on a guaranteed position on your specific bengal preference & requirements. This saves you time in searching for months sometimes years for your appropriate Bengal Kitten to join your family. This is a VIP Golden pass to the Penthouse.
  • We only have limited place on a Secured Waiting List for a Bengal Kitten per Type/Quality/Colour of Kitten in a litter, normally 1 for Pet Quality/1 Breeding/1 Show). However, should there be more than one suitable Bengal kitten and you next on queue, you will be the priority to be offered first before we notify customers on Standard Waiting List. The Available Bengal Kitten will soon be posted on our Bengal Kittens for Sale which will be open to all enquirers on Standard and website viewers.
  • Have a peek in our Bengal Kittens for Sale Page or in our Breeding Plans and Secure your Bengal Kitten in Advance. ENQUIRY APPLICATION FORM (Waiting List & Updates)
Waiting List Form / Pricing Request Form